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Building a Solid Foundation for Success in School and in Life!!!

Solid Foundation’s mission is to provide an alternative educational experience for at-risk students who struggle to make the grade in an educational setting too encumbered by high student-to-teacher ratios to provide the individualized assistance and care that is needed for students who come to the playing field already behind. WE challenge and motivate students to establish personal goals for their own academic achievement and success and then help them to reach and exceed them.

Solid Foundation Association emphasizes personal responsibility and action as parallel roads to freedom. We attempt to disrupt the destructive cycle of poverty through education, spiritual and personal development.  Through our committed staff, trusted volunteers, mentor core group, community partners, prayer warriors, and dedicated tutors – WE form a weapon against ignorance, poor self esteem, and poor school performance to reposition our students for success and give them a hope for the future.

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